Rental prices

Bellow you can find our daily rental prices.

The price varies depending whether it is Low, Mid, Mid-High and High season. The daily price to be applied is the daily season price of the date, regardless when the rental has started or finished.

Over this prices, discounts of -5%, -10% or till -15% are applied if the length of the rental exceeds 6, 13 or 20 days: rental 1, 2 or 3 weeks long.


Delivery cost

In case that the client choses as delivery or pick-up location a place different than Murcia - Los Ramos the the rental price will be increased in the corresponding transport cost. This cost will accrue for each displacement: delivery and pick-up.

* All this prices include Value Added Tax (VAT).

Payment and Deposit

Client must pay 50% of the total rent at the time of booking.

The remaining 50% must be paid, at last, 15 days before the beginning of the rent. We will contact you some days in advance in order to remind you the pending payment.

In rentals made with less than 15 days from the booking to the beginning of the rental, clients must pay 50% at the time of booking and the other 50% as soon as we have contacted you providing the necessary data.

In any case, rent will not be fully confirmed until 100% of the rent has been paid. 

When colleting the vehicle, clients must leave a deposit of ONE THOUSAND EUROS (€ 1.000), payable by credit card, in concept of bond and as guarantee of the faithful fulfillment of the obligations of the lease contract.

Included in all rental without any additional cost

Cleaning Kit


100% ecologic cleaning products

Bed Sheets


Cotton bed and bath sheets

Kitchen Kit


Fully equipped kitchen

Travel Tips


Guide, maps and other tips



Comprehensive insurance (€500 excess)

Camping Kit


Outdoor fridge, table and chairs

For any clarification regarding the provisions of this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We'll be happy to help.



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